Integrating breath, movement & meditation, to awaken your deepest potential.

with Stephanie Kittell, BFA, RYT 500

What does it mean to truly thrive - in body-mind-heart? What does it feel like when you connect to your breath? What happens when you infuse playfulness & compassionate curiosity into your hectic day? And how can you carry these insights off the yoga mat, off the meditation cushion, and into the challenges of professional & relational life?

Let's continue the exploration, together!

The practices I share are trauma-informed, custom-tailored for each body-mind-heart, accessible, inclusive & rich with exploration. Together we'll honour the ancient wisdoms, steeped in today’s modern experience. On the mat. On the cushion. And in community.

YOGA NIDRA (Guided Deep Relaxation)
MOVEMENT (Creative & Adaptive Practices for Life)
SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) YOGA








"Stephanie is my motivator, mentor, cheerleader and friend. She has the unique ability of being able to read me within seconds of seeing me and can adjust our practices to what my mind, body and soul need at that moment, without missing a beat. I am a novice yoga soul at best, and have many physical limitations from past injuries. Her amazing character and ability to be both caring and tough throughout the process has not only improved my abilities but also made me fall in love with it yoga."

~ Emma O’Dwyer (Private Yoga Student, 2014 – 2018)

"I have greatly enjoyed your classes and found them to be inspiring, motivating and soothing. I walk home calmer, happier, in less pain (living with chronic illness), and with beautiful music echoing inside of me. I enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions (I have so many!), and am so grateful for your presence and guidance."

~ Kevin McCurley (Private & Group Yoga Student, 2017 - 2018)

"Thank you so much for leading such an invigorating, healing and interactive workshop! You're the best!"

~ Kenneth Butland (Workshop Participant, 2018)

"This was such a great experience. I'm not sure what awakened in me but it certainly kept me awake! Loved every moment. Thank you for creating this supportive container for self expression and compassionate curiosity."

~ Jenn Cardoso (Workshop Participant, 2017)

"Stephanie is bright, sharp, sensitive, and deeply devoted to not only helping others, but to understanding them. She’s always displayed a real ability to connect with others and help whenever the need arose. Her self-discipline is something that I find very inspiring. It is my opinion that this yoga community, both local and global, is enriched because of people like Stephanie."

~ Hali Schwartz (Yoga Philosophy & Sanskrit Teacher, 2014 – 2018)